VIP 30 Days to Thriving –2 week free trial, then $597/mo with a 6-mo commitment

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30 Days to Thriving Offer VIP

2 week free trial, then $597/mo with a 6-mo commitment

Sometimes we need more one-on-one attention to break through our obstacles. Get your all-access-VIP-pass to Christa and Fitlandia with our VIP upgrade. Only 5 spots available at one time, Christa is there for you every day to keep you moving forward. This is an investment in your vitality – setting you up for abundance in all areas of life as you’re grounded in wellness.

Feeling pressure to imbibe in booze? Shoot Christa a text to get help off the ledge.

Wondering how to handle a conversation with someone close to you who doesn’t respect your boundaries? Christa is on it!

Your VIP Upgrade starts with a 60-minute whole-life strategy session (via Zoom), gives you access to EVERY Fitlandia program while you’re a VIP member, provides a private 30-minute Zoom session every month, and ensures priority access during weekly Q&A sessions.

For those truly ready to commit. This is the package for you. Please note a 6-month commitment is required, but you’ll have two weeks free to see how it all works. If it’s not your jam, cancel before the two-weeks is up for no charge.

What People Are Saying:

“Hey folks this is the program that truly got me started into the healthiest chapter of my life!! I've lost 50lbs from my body over an 8-month period, feel the most whole and energetic that I've felt in years! Christa and her crew are so supportive and helpful. I couldn't recommend an experience more. Peace and good health to you always!!”

Caren M.

“Finally, a resource that explains why diets have failed and how to create true, lifelong wellness without it being "all-in" approach that isn't sustainable. This book outlines the value of the 4 cornerstones of fitness and the small steps to integrate them into everyday life." ”

Sarina S.

“Fitlandia provides all of the education, tools and support necessary for optimal wellness and a healthy lifestyle. Fitlandia is program that combines nutrition, exercise, and Mind Zoning® to support the physical, emotional and mental aspects of health, wellness and lifestyle changes to ensure steady progress, incremental improvements and sustainable lifestyle changes. While there’s a near explosion of information and mis-information out there, Fitlandia debunks the myths, fads, and trends and provides sound, scientific information on nutrition, dietary approaches and the psychology of getting healthy. Sound science coupled with the emotional and mental support via Mind Zoning® and the Fitlandia community ensure that everyone—no matter what their current level of health and fitness—can succeed.”

Darlene Reed