# 2 Reason Why Corporate Wellness Programs Go Wrong

Leadership does not get involved in the program themselves.

Welcome to Part #2 of this 11-part series to help corporate wellness administrators incorporate initiatives into their workplace that are effective and generate lasting change for a strong wellness ROI. If you missed #1, check it out here>>> 

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  1. Leadership doesn’t get involved in the program themselves

We’ve all been there, working with leaders that encourage work/life balance while they’re emailing us on the weekend. It’s hard to follow the leader when the leader isn’t laying the foundation for the behavior they’d like us to model.

Makes sense, right? It’s no different when it comes to wellness programs. It’s tough for an employee to engage in a wellness program if their leadership doesn’t model...

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Episode 110 - The Autoimmune Breakthrough with Dr. Kirstin Lauritzen


This is Fitlandia's 110th episode. We are talking with Dr. Kirstin Lauritzen about Autoimmune breakthroughs. Dr. Kirstin is here putting a spin on how to make break throughs living with autoimmunity while engaging in your day to day  lifestyle.



How do you know if you have autoimmune, what do you do
about it?  What is it even, I have a soft place in my heart for this because I have Hashimoto and you know, I didn't know what that was.  I didn't know what was wrong with me. And I struggled with, you know, weird illnesses for so many years. 


Okay. So I am classically trained as a chiropractor, but that wasn't quite
enough for me. So I went and I got my masters in human nutrition and
functional medicine because I love nutrition and healing the body with food.


I'm all about a balance between Western medicine and traditional medicine, but also working with natural paths and really creating a team. I think they all have a...

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11 Ways Corporate Wellness Programs Go Wrong (And How to Fix Them)

corporate wellness May 20, 2019

Learn how good intentions still don't get results.

Many of you know I’ve been in hospitality revenue management now for over 27 years – even while building Fitlandia. I have a deep love of finding ways to generate profitability and win-win strategies so it’s no surprise as Fitlandia grows more and more into Corporate Wellness that we care about a company’s ROI for their investment.

The problem is, even with the best intentions, many corporate wellness initiatives go wrong.

Here I’ve outlined a list of pitfalls companies are faced with when selecting wellness programming. Join our newsletter below as I’ll be unfolding solutions to help companies avoid these each of these pitfalls in future blog posts.

  1. Programs aren’t personalized
  2. Leadership does not get involved in the program themselves
  3. There are not enough on-site resources to curate and manage initiatives
  4. Selecting short-term...
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Episode 109 - Breaking The Addiction To Dieting


This is Fitlandia's 109th episode. We are talking with Chloe Murdoch about Breaking the Addiction to Dieting. Chloe is here putting a spin on how to live a successful and healthy lifestyle.



I love diving into what, you know, what foods will optimize our health and wellbeing. But the same time I learned through my own journey and through with my clients that it's more than Broccoli sprouts. And being healthy really involves being healthy on so many different dimensions, healthy inner relationships, healthy in your career, in your purpose in life.


I was really obsessed with my body and with food and with finding the next new diet and I was living, or I should say I wasn't living in the present and I wasn't living in my body at all. Eventually I got to this point where it's like something has to change.


I did all that stuff to get rid of this hoarded dieting mentality and this constant looking outward for the truth that was going to heal me. I cut all of that...

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11 Signs You Need a Retreat


Sometimes it’s hard to see how bad things are in our lives when we’re in the thick of it.

In 2012, I was drinking a bottle of wine (sometimes more) every single night just to deal with my chaotic life.

I didn’t realize at the time that I was self-soothing with food and booze. In fact, I looked at others and justified my behavior saying, “Well that’s no more than they do.”


I also didn’t realize how much pain I was in.

I was dealing with atrocious corporate politics that tested my ethics every day; a severely mentally ill mother and trying to manage her care 3,000 miles away; and a work schedule that was no less than 70-hrs per week with travel 3-4 weeks out of the month. It was a shit-show.

My sleep was horrible (maybe 4 hours per night and no restorative sleep) my eating and drinking out of control, and I found my mood volatile with me crying every single day.


I was broken.

After 6-months of trying to operate in this manner, I...

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The Power of Retreats to Transform You


In May of 2012, I went on my first transformational retreat that completely changed my life. At the time, I was in such a desperate place that I was ready to try anything. I was 50 lbs. overweight, drinking a bottle (or two) of wine every night, working 70 hrs./week, traveling 3 – 4 weeks out of the month…all while my mother was suffering from severe mental illness 3,000 miles away.

Yeah. Life Sucked.

At the time, I knew exercise would help. I knew I had to drink less. I knew I needed to meditate. I knew I needed to change my dietary habits. I knew I needed more balance.

But I was completely stuck and overwhelmed at the idea of “doing one more thing.”

I knew in my gut I had to get away and completely break my routine of working, drinking, caring for others day in and day out. After a lot of research with Google, I ended up finding an outfit in Sedona, AZ.

I scheduled a consultation call with a guide to review my workshop and session options. The price was...

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Episode 97 - Transforming Your Mind Through a Break from Tech

Uncategorized Nov 02, 2018

Welcome to episode #97 of the Fitlandia Podcast. Today my guests are Erin Moone and Dionne Del Carlo from StarCycle, founded right here in Portland, Oregon. Today, the three of us are going to talk about why taking a break from tech is so important for your mind.



...this sense of urgency that we all have that is really inflated and exaggerated and not real. So it's giving ourselves permission to say that's going to wait. We're not brain surgeons.


I know for myself I will eat quickly and not really taste what I'm eating and just getting it down and onto the next thing, but if I put my phone away, engage in conversation, listen to the laughter, then I'm taking in all those senses and actually tasting my food. It does taste better because I'm paying attention.


So related to the classes we run, our bodies are physically moving quickly and we're working really hard and our heart rates are up. But because we're disconnecting from any distractions, we're...

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